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Link to personal dictionary and test programme:

Hoe te werken met TEACH2000


Dear students,

FIRST and SECOND lesson:

Here are the files as promised in the first and second lessons:

- Making questions in English

- Handout Question tags

- Exercise Question tags Britney

- Answers Britney question tags

- Irregular verbs GB-NL beforehand (we will discuss it later, but now you can learn them)

- Irregular verbs NL-GB

- audio file Irregular Verbs

- ABC audio

- Numbers on the telephone audio

- Numbers first, second etc.

I will send you the vocabulary for Teach2000 by email.

Answers Student's Book:
Exercise 3 (Poles): 1d; 2c; 3b; 4f.

Exercise 4 (in advance):
2. take on responsibility (by the way.... without a preposition is also possible, id est: take (the) responsibility
3. bring in a consultant
4. work on manegerial skills
5. come up with ideas
6. sell at a profit
7. look for people.

Link to Past simple vs Present Perfect clip YouTube


Link to Speaking exam YouTube

Enjoy your English.....

Please tell me if something is wrong or if I forgot something.