Business English on the Telephone 


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Assignments in the READER

3. 100 most common differences between British and US English

4b. Pronouncing the English Alphabet (audio)

4c. International Telephone Alphabet (audio)

5a. Cardinals (numbers) (audio)

5a. Exercise pronunciation of cardinals (audio)

5b. Ordinals (numbers) (audio)

5c. Numbers on the telephone (audio)

6. Days of the week (audio)

7. Months of the year (audio)

9. Hours on the clock (audio)

12. Teach2000 downloadable Dutch and English version

Exercises in back of the READER

Exercise 1 (Try again 'A sounds like...) HOTPOT

Exercise 6 Exercise clock audio

Exercise 11 Please make 2 telephone message with the help of the audio
Telephone messages
--> audio 1
--> audio 2

Answers to the exercises in the back of the READER

Exercise 1 (A sounds like star or stay) --> audio

Exercise 2 (International spelling alphabet) --> Model answers --> audio

Exercise 3 (Spelling of internet addresses --> Model answers) --> audio

Exercise 4 (Today, yesterday, etc.)

Exercise 5 (Days of the week 2) Common mistakes using business English words

Exercise 6 Answers Exercise clock

Exercise 11 Model answers Telephone messages (call 1 and call 2 in writing)

Exercise 13 Answering machine messages (Model answers) follows.....

Exercise 13 Example audio (follows)